The theory "you are what you eat" is one that I truly believe in. With the right guidance I can help you look and feel your best from the inside out.


A one hour one on one consultation. I will ask you about your nutritional background, your dietary habits, and what you would like to accomplish. Afterwards you will get a full assessment with recommended adjustments, as well as a week to week check in all tailored to you. I will make sure you stay on target and achieve your goals.

Diabetic Specific

Here I like to specifically discuss with newly diagnosed and/or current type 1 and type 2 diabetics on maintaining the right health path for their illness. I will address a food history, request a 3-day food journal, as well as a monthly blood glucose monitoring sheet to analyze what methods need to be changed, and what could be substituted, in order to stabilize the disease

Webinar Seminar

Sign up for my monthly webinars that differ every month! Ranging from “Why diets don’t work” to “You are What you Eat” my online class is a great way to interact with myself and other instructors on a variety of issues that may interest, affect, inspire, and even challenge you! New ones will be announced a few weeks beforehand. So take advantage of the opportunity