What made you interested in these fields?
As I've stated before, I've had a passion in skincare and nutrition for a long time. The nutrition aspect came about because of my condition. What I eat runs my life. The skincare part came later. I truly believe what you put inside affects the outside.
What made you start a blog?
I have conducted seminars for some years on subjects such as "Nutrition and Skin" and "You are what you eat." Being that I have extensive knowledge about the two and really love both subjects, I thought how great it would share it with the world. I would always give my friends skincare tips, food advice and how to maintain a healthy glowing complexion. These industries are constantly evolving. It seems only fair to be able to channel new ideas, products, and interesting subjects through a site that people can visit daily!
Why is it called the itian.com?
Well, I figured I have a lot of "itians" after my name. Being a Russian, dietitian, and esthetician, I figured it's a cute name and easy to remember. Who knows, maybe I'll add another itian at some point in my life! Coffeetitian??
Are you licensed in skincare and nutrition? 
Yes, I am a licensed medical esthetician, more commonly termed LMA, and an RD, CDN, meaning I am a registered dietitian. I am licensed in the states of Pennsylvania and New York.